The ever popular Coakham Bloodhounds will be with us again! This is your opportunity to get “up close and personal” with these endearing working dogs. Originally bred for tracking down criminals in Norman times, these dogs and their incredible noses are now used for the sport of tracking a runner on foot while mounted huntsmen follow. The route the runner takes is organised with landowners so as not to disturb their animals or crops and to give the horsemen a challenging ride across the country. On catching the runner, the hounds are so pleased to see him that they cover him with Bloodhound “kisses”! Meet the Bloodhounds at their stand and when they parade in the Main Ring. They will be pleased to see you!

The Coakham Bloodhounds

Attractions: Every year Bexhill Horse Show boasts a number of interesting attractions for it’s visitors.

This year is no exception and the show has some great exhibits to keep all the family entertained. To find us click here

Shire Horse Display and Meet and Greet

Another regular attraction at the show is the wonderful Shire Horses. These “gentle giants” parade on the showground and can be found on their trade stand throughout the day. The Shire horse is the largest of all the horse breeds and whilst slow in action are a powerhouse of strength with a docile and kind nature. The history of the breed goes back to Medieval Great Old English Black Horse which was used to carry knights in armour into battle.In the 1800’s the horse was the main power in agriculture and commerce, particularly on docks and railways. Fields were always ploughed by “Heavies” until the 1930’s when mechanisation saw the number of heavy horse drop dramatically, almost to the extinction of the breed in the 1960’s. It is only due to the love and interest of a few faithful stalwarts that the Shire Horse has survived and it is now mainly used as a show animal although it has recently been found to more economical for some work than it’s metal counterparts! Come and meet these fabulous horses and learn more about the breed from their knowledgable handlers.

Shire Horse Parade and Meet and Greet

Immaculately polished and buffed, brasses gleaming and leather shining, the wood and paintwork rubbed to a glow, with driver and groom impeccably dressed, the whole outfit moving majestically along the road.

Along 5 miles of road, drivers, horses and carriage must maintain an even pace and obey the highway code, carrying out a number of turns – all under the watchful eye of a Judge. The route, along Cooden Drive past the Cooden Beach Hotel and back to the Polegrove, takes just 30 minutes.


Come and support these valiant competitors who in all weathers practice their skills and give the watchers such pleasure. All we ask is that you please keep your dogs (and very small children) under careful control.

The Bexhill Horse Show Drive

Always a favourite with spectators, the Show Drive brings a touch of glamour to Bexhill Horse Show. These beautiful turnouts are a sight to behold. So much work is involved in getting the horses and vehicles to such a spectacular standard and we love to see them at our show.

East Sussex Astronomical Society

East Sussex Astronomical Society was formed in 2000 to fill a gap in education people and assisting the public to learn about the beauty of the night skies.

The society has grown to nearly 100 members and is well connected with many famous Astronomers who give their time to ESAS members.

ESAS also has its own observatory and meeting room near Dallington, here they have a 16” SCT telescope with computer control and facilities to take photos through your own camera.

Most of our members had very little knowledge of Astronomy when they joined and enjoyed learning about the night sky. ESAS holds its monthly meeting at the Egerton Park indoor Bowls club every first Thursday of the month from 8pm.

If you would like further information please contact Andy Lawes FRAS


Want to get involved?

We are always looking for volunteers and sponsorship for the show so why not get in touch today and find out how you can help.

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Southern Lancers Demonstration

We are very excited to welcome the Southern Lancers Skill at Arms Group to the show for the first time in 2019.